Pre leaking like a sieve

palmWow, last night there was a flurry of activity with the Pre as the WebOS ROM image is now available for download. The crazy cool thing is how you get to the system reset/developer mode using what Engadget/Giz affectionately calls the Konami code crack.  By performing this classic Contra hack, you gain access to the developer mode and well you start to see why the homebrew community is basically orgasmic right now.  In fact the first homebrew app is already online on the forums at precentral.net.  I expect Palm to supply an official reaction to this leak.  For me, it sure would be nice for Palm to pull the application process at their developer site and allow casual enthusiasts like me a shot at the Mojo SDK. This will help alleviate the need to drive toward the homebrew market. I’m just saying…


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