PS3 and Firmware 1.6

I have been clicking on PS3Fanboy about every thirty minutes to learn more about this update. It has two things that I am absolutely dying to have, Folding@home and BG downloading. I cannot wait.

For those in the know, I am a Biologist, or at least that is what my degree states. Do I poke at animals and practice my Latin during the day? Nope, in fact I work as far away from my accredited discipline as humanly possible. It is not that I do not love the field. I found it fascinating. So much so that, whoa I got a degree! But since college, technology ruled my life. From manufacturing to programing, I have stayed the course of the mighty scripts which of course puts bread on my table. (What was I talking about? Damn adult ADD, need a pill or something) OH the random point I am trying to make. So yes, I am a Biologist on paper but a Technologist by trade and thus have this insatiable appetite for shinny plastic machines that cost too much and do nothing more that ticking my fancy. My latest toy has me tickled pink. (ugh, my daughter has way too much influence on me…pink? oh man…)

So if you have been following my blog (which is a bit anemic I know, hey I’m working on it), you understand my appreciation for the PS3. I am a fanboy to a point. You see, I will defend my purchase but will raise hell if I believe something I have could be better. I am a believer of you get what you pay for and if not, dumb move on your part. (Gotta stop these random tangents. Composition was not one of my strengths, thank goodness no one reads this drivel.) SO, though I love my black box, I was a bit irate with some of the shortcomings like oh I don’t know, THE INABILITY TO DO ANYTHING WHILE DOWNLOADING!!!! But, I am not affected by this, oh no. *ahem* So 1.6 not only allows you to download stuff and play, BUT you can set up six jobs for downloading. (Wonderful) The other added functionality which is more on the bonus side is the addition of the folding@home project. Folding@home allows systems such as my beloved PS3 to participate by utilizing unused cpu cycles for number crunching. Crunching what you may ask? Well proteins of course! No seriously what this does is help us understand how proteins fold. You see proteins are made up of amino acids, many of them chained in a long sequence. Sure we understand the structure of these chains but what makes a protein work is how it folds into shape. This shape happens quickly and correctly countless times in the body. It is when a protein fails to fold correctly where we have some of our genetic diseases such as Alzheimer. So why do we need so many “little” computers to understand how a protein fold? Well the folding occurs in the range of millionth of a second. To replicate that on a computer is ridiculously laborious. We are talking about a magnitude of 25 to 30 years for a single computer to simulate one complete fold of one protein. Folding@home distributes the workload over many systems and thus reducing the overall cpu time to a more manageable number. It is wonderful to see this project move into the entertainment realm. I do hope it is implemented well. I feel all collegial again *sigh*

BUT Sony is not out of the water yet:

  • Sony store still sucks
  • no game invites for online battles
  • love to see network shares within the xmb
  • where is my up-scaling DVD playback! (still is the best DVD player I have)
  • Home, oh I want my home
  • I want my MTV…I meant to say I want MY music in the games

Games to look forward to:

  • Singstar (OMG)
  • Tekken 6
  • Warhawk
  • Armor Core 4

Well I should wrap this up. Keep it up Sony, I still believe in you. (I have to, you have my money!) And hey, see you guys online this Friday, gotta download this 1.6 thingy or something.


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