PS3 Fanboy? Xbox 360 Lover? Nah, God has gotten ALL Y’ALL BEAT!

As many know, I have a PS3 which I am fond of. I do not own any games yet (demos are my life) and all Blu-ray movies are from Netflix. What I love about the black box is it’s versatility and power. I am proud of what it can do and hope that Sony will not abandon it like they have for the PSP and the Sony Reader (other toys I own and love). Do I go out and bash owners of xbox 360 or wii? Nah, I just enjoy reading the exchange of which system is better, but it did get me thinking. When you read such for or against arguments on forums or in the comments sections of tech post, you quickly realize how insecure many gamers are. There is a need to find a community that supports your decision and when that community is weaken, a sense of self-worth is also lost. Major leap? Not really, with any investment on a consumer electronics, or for anything I guess, there is a need to reassure that you made a right choice. This is supported, however right or wrong it is, by the size of the community that made similar choices. As we all know, a majority in opinion is not always right (i.e. the world was the center of the universe, it was of course flat at one point, and the Ford Explorer being number one). But this need of belonging or sense of community extends beyond the exchange of goods we now enjoy.

Do you know who had the most fanboyism, if there is such a word, of all time? God, no wait Buddha, um Mohammad the Prophet, no Zeus, dang… What I am getting at is this childish play of which gaming system is better was played and still is on a more secular level. A deity’s vitality is dependent on the community that worships it’s existence. In turn, a person’s spiritual faith is also dependent on the community of worship. Confusing? The point is this, as social creatures with a pack-like mentality, humans for the most part are dependent on others to define self worth. Self worth is established when groups of humans gather under a common belief. That common belief establishes a foundation for which a society will evolve. That society will then “weed” out members that conflict with the foundation, or the now evolved culture, and cultivate new understanding based on establish thought. Those members who are exiled from a given culture will branch out to form a new common belief. Thus a perpetual cycle is formed.

Now comes the fun. What if two communities run into each other and faith is challenged? My Christian God can drop-kick your Budha! Xbox 360 is just as powerful if not better than a PS3 AND has more games! Sounds way too similar (though geekish). I am not challenging faith or establishing the means of finding which one is the right path. All I am saying that the correlation between purchasing decisions and faith selection is not all that dissimilar. What is sad is that you can visit any gaming site to read the comment sections and then turn around to read postings from leaders of our world and discover that they both approach the defense of their beliefs in a similar fashion, only the leaders of the world have better writers. LOL!

Seriously though it is a shame that there are members of society that must push their beliefs onto you to ensure that their faith is strengthened. I am a proud American and I enjoy the freedom that this country has given me. A couple of those freedoms is that of voice and faith. No one member of our society should have to succumb to another. I know that sounds idealistic but it is a truth none the less.

Ok, I promised to only post short entries and this is evolving into a complete thought. I will write more on this, specifically on US politics; which by the way I saw this bumper sticker the other day that made me laugh hysterically:

Be nice to America or we will bring Democracy to YOU

So any way if you find your way to CNN.com and reading an exchange between Bush and well anyone else, or trying to understand the secular clashes around the world, stop and open a new tab and go to PS3Fanboy.com. Enjoy the comments section. They roughly say the same thing only the language at PS3Fanboy is more colorful. LOL!


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