PSP Go – Where’s the Sony sexy part?

504x_ss_preview_psp_go_000bmpWow, there was a lot of speculation that Sony was going to revamp the PSP and make it smaller.  High expectation was set when creative artists created their versions of the next PSP.  The fantasy render stayed in step with the usual sexiness Sony is known for.  If the image to the left is what Sony is going to push for the next PSP, I may for the first time have to forgo a Sony purchase.  The circle theme reminds me of the very first Nintendo DS.  But it seems Sony is sticking with it’s MYLO product line.  Maybe we all got too excited by some of the concepts like this one.  It seems though that the UMD is a dead, which you hope would aid in making the device even sexier.  Oh well, I hope Sony has something up their sleeve, or they have really lost their touch.


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