Quickie – Miami Vice

Movie: Miami Vice (2006)

Director: Michael Mann

One sentence summary: Two undercover cops try to uncover the leader of a drug smuggling ring by infiltrating the organization only to realize that the bad guys are always a step ahead and thus there is no way to end this movie.

Three words/phrases: Vogue, cliche, pointless

8 thoughts on “Quickie – Miami Vice

  1. LOL!!! Dude, they could not complete a sentence! It was… and then… man, I hear you…

    And every other shot was a pouting lip pose, the only reason why there was not a motorcycle in the movie was that it would be just weird for the two. LOL

  2. OUCH!!! Touche…though seeing blood and guts in HD is better than two dudes trying to be cool…like watching Alan and Andrew with their shades on…BURN!!!! crap, do not let them read this.

  3. Incidentally, if you haven’t seen them, rent Breach, the Departed, Last King of Scotland, and Pan’s Labrynth. All really awesome.

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