One Breath Quickie – The Brass Teapot


Movie: The Brass Teapot

Director: Ramaa Mosley

One Crazy-long Sentence Summary: A funny, yet touching at times, movie about a down-on-their-luck innocent couple struggling to make ends meet when their fortunes changed from a chance encounter with a elderly woman and a brass teapot that magically creates money based on the amount of pain that surrounds it to only discover that the teapot is not a blessing but a curse as the amount of pain needed increases that goes beyond the physical to the emotional forcing the couple to become brutally honest with each other but are given an opportunity to save themselves from oblivion offered by a mysterious man that has picked up where his ancestors have left in the pursuit of ending the teapot’s terrible legacy.

Three Words/Phrases: Hilarious, the pursuit of dark desires, done a million times before but this one was surprisingly refreshing

Personal Note: This movie is just an extended Twilight Zone episode.  But it does give you an opportunity to indulge a bit on how far could you go if placed in the same situation.  Quite honestly, I do not think it would have ended well for me.

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