Quickie – The Hitcher

Movie: The Hitcher (2007)

Director: David Meyers

One Sentence Summary: UT student and boyfriend leave Austin to Lake Havasu for some spring break fun only to run into a guy that is determine to play road games by killing everyone around the teens as the two college students, not utilizing sound logic, avoid all contact by police and others as they try to employ the basic premise of if they run, they will be able to outrun the killer only to end with the boyfriend split in half and the killer’s brain splattered on the asphalt by a very pissed off girlfriend that is now going to miss out all the fun the lake could have brought.

Three words/phrases: d’oh, dumb, ‘what the hell?’

Personal note: It was cool to see the opening scene in the movie showing areas of north Austin Keyla and I are very familiar with.

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