RedPanda, the future of gaming

As some of you know, I am an avid online multiplayer gamer and love to game every chance I get.  With kids, that is a bit hard to do but I do have a very understanding wife.  I had a chance to see the development of RedPanda’s work and was impressed at how far they are coming along.  Who is RedPanda and why should it matter to me?  They are a student run game development team at Southwestern University.  Three of the programmers work for me at NITLE to help develop our web applications.  Tommy, Stephen and Bob are by far the most talented group of programmers I have ever worked with.  It takes very little input from me for them to unravel the problem and compose a solution for which I test against.  NITLE is forever grateful for their efforts.

In their free time, they decided to create not only a game but a methodology for how we should play.  Their mission is to give the gamer control over their interaction in the game by supporting unforesseable emergent properties as the development team calls it.  That means if you wish to leave a quest and jump into a red corvette and drive across the rugged terrain, you will have the ability to add that property to the environment.  This basically gives the gamer two hats to manage, player and creator.  The guys are fun to work with as they have great attitudes toward problem solving.  Heck these guys make up team “SU Root” For the comp sci department that took sixth in the ACM South Central Regional Programming Contest at Texas A&M.  These guys are good!

I wish them well in this project.  Keep an eye on this team.  This game may well be a historical marker of a team that may one day change the way we interact with our games.


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