Ribbons? Whatcha really trying to say?


I saw this walking toward my minivan and had to capture it. I agree with the statement. Enough with the ribbons already! Just like everything else, when you do ribbons ad nauseam, you weaken the message you so desperately wish to support. Not only did you weaken your ribbon’s message of support but you weaken the establishment of other messaged ribbons as a whole. But really, what does it say to have a ribbon for display?

When you display a ribbon, you are telling the world that you too support ‘x’. Does this means you are willing to commit to action with support ‘x’? Most likely not, it is just a small token of support. It is a reminder that we are a society built on perception rather than action. It feels good to say that we are part of something. No one ever expects to do anything about it. We are stun or amaze when we see people actually commit actions to their words. Should we? When we have armies of people parading around voicing support, shouldn’t we EXPECT those individuals to commit actual labor to that effort? We SHOULD be stun by those who claim to support and do nothing with such words. Oh wait, I guess we do, it is called our National Government… Bah! that can be saved for another time.

My point is this, we are a society based on empty promises. We are no longer disappointed by the lack of commitment. It is as if to say, ‘thanks for the kind words.’ We tip our hats to those who can sacrifice time to actually put forth effort to what they are willing to say. We remind ourselves that those people are a rare few. We tell others stories of these special people. They are held in the highest regard and rightfully so. They do as they say and say as they do. There was a time when that actually existed for us all as my dad reminded me. A person’s word is their bond. I guess if a person is genuine and sincere, then they are people that say very little. Could we ever do that? We should strive to become a silent voice of action instead of a lazy scream of support. And to start, get rid of the ribbons and act on the message written on them with ways other than more words.


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