Richard Garriott rocks high into space, unlike his game

Looks like Richard Garriott, the Executive Producer for Tabula Rasa at NCSoft, finally got his wish and is making his way to the ISS.  A great personal achievement.  Too bad his last game will not experience the same kind of achievement.

I recently turned down a job at NCSoft here in Austin and it looks like that was a good decision.  It was a hard choice though. I mean to work on MMORPGs world-wide sounded so appealing but the gaming industry is a cut throat sector, plus where I am at now has me on a project I am DETERMINED to see completed.

Congrats Mr. Garriott, I hope your journey will be a safe one.  Now that you got your dream, what will be next for you?  Another MMORPG? God I hope not, lately there are just not enough room in gamers’ mind for another game.


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