Ruben according to Fred

Ruben is not Korean nor Mexican though his parents are.  He is not arrogant but humility is something new he has been incorporating in recent years.  His technical knowledge has shifted from day to day appliance to an abstract horizon.  The passion and love he feels is devoted to his family first and any residual falloff bleeds to other priorities that fall in line behind them (trust when I say, Ruben has a lot to give).  Though his career has kept him in the background surrounded by the technology he supported, his new work has pushed him past the veil of obscurity and thrust him in a glare of a new light he is still adjusting to.  The people he calls friends are far and few.  Those he do consider close and dear to his heart, he also has not kept in touch and that bothers him dearly.  His home is his castle, the pride of his family and the place that strengthens their bond daily.  He travels far everyday to the place that he calls work and thinks daily of the people, places and thoughts that must be addressed.  He has a terrible singing voice but he does it so passionately that it helps him flush frustrating things that occurred just hours before.  This, of course is what he tells me.

This is what I know.  He works in Georgetown but lives in Austin.  He hates I-35 and 620.  He jams to Pandora in the car or argues vocally to KUT’s news reports.  He does not eat lunch but rather heads to the gym to work on the rings with his buddies Mike, Josh, Gary, Desi and David(s).  If you plot his daily work commute and foot travels it would look like a kite on a string.  He hits the tech blogs between work tasks and tracks academic technology trends through friends on Twitter and LinkedIn.  Though he is an Austinite, he loves Colorado sports (Broncos, Buffs, Nuggets, Rockies).

This is my buddy Ruben.  How do I know all this?  He txt me when I ping him.  Now if he would only accept some of the friend invites I send him, he would have more people to hang out with but hey, that’s Ruben for you.  (To be continued)


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