Ruby, Rails, Mysql and Windows Vista

Well I shifted my personal development box over to Windows vista. Not bad, everything installed as expected. I used this great walk-thru I found on the web for setting up Rails on a windows machine. It was easier to get the dev environment up on a windows box than my ubuntu install. I hate to admit that but gotta give one point to Windows for ease of installation.

Vista looks nice. It is more of a colorful Windows XP overlay than anything else. Still not as slick as Beryl or OS X but still not a bad upgrade. One thing that is annoying is the wireless settings. It warns you against selecting the option of connecting to a network that is not broadcasting during manual setup of a wireless profile. So the first thing I thought that it was warning me not to send broadcast messages to an access point that may be turned off. It did not occur to me that it was refering to non-broadcasting SSID, like my network. I spent the first night with my laptop trying to figure out why it would not join my network. Gadgets are ok, once again I think Apple got it down better with their widgets. One thing I do like is the switching between windows option, nice eye candy.

My new lappy has a Broadcom a/b/g/draft n card with a giga-nic. Lightscribe dvd-dl burner and a cool little remote; built-in webcam, 2 gig ram, 250 gig hd and a decent Turion dual core proc (2 GHz). It is an HP Pavilion tx 1000. Touch screen is ok but I love the size and design, it is slick. It is fast and fun to code on. So far it has been a blast. In fact I am posting this entry from it now. Gotta give it to HP, who knew I would buy their product…wow, hate to say this but when I was looking into computers, Dell sucked. Their lappys looked…old, boring. I needed something light, cool looking and fun. HP or Sony were my two choices. The tx 1000 sold me on the coolness factor.

Any ways, I am slowly moving some of my dev work from my desktop over to the lappy and will continue to build from there. I hope to have something to show in a few months. With such a busy schedule, it may take awhile before I can upload my work. But it will be fun coding on the run!


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