Saw III and PS3

ok…ok…ok…wow. I now came to the realization that there is only one way to truly enjoy a horror film, and that is in high definition with DTS HD. The PS3 has become a workhorse for my family as the main media hub for our theater. Our entire media collection (from videos to mp3s) is accessible from the shinny black box. Connected to a Denon 3806 (3807 coming out this summer [on my wish-list]) and to an Optoma HD72 projector (HD81 on my wish-list) the PS3 has produced some of the most amazing visuals and audio I have ever witnessed. From gaming demos, to movie previews in HD, we have all come to appreciate the razor sharp image and the wickedly powerful sound from the 7.1 speaker setup. And what drives me crazy is that I still have not realized the full potential of this little black box! To do that I need a 1080p projector with an hdmi 1.3 compliant receiver. Regardless, at 720p and DTS HD through PCM from HDMI, Netflix blu-ray rentals has been a rewarding experience. Here is just one example.

Last night after putting the kiddies to bed, Keyla and I headed to our media room to watch Saw III on Blu-ray. The opening sequence was very reminiscent of any CSI episode with detectives on a scene of a very violent death. But then we flashed back and see Jigsaw’s puzzle in action. This is where HD and sound took over. The image radiated details that presented the viewer a “window”, or a voyeuristic view, of the events. The movie faded away and gave forth the feeling that you were there actually watching this poor soul about to be torn apart. So real was the imagery and so chilling was the sound, I found myself clenching my teeth and making a tight fist to contain the impending horror. The movie moved forward one puzzle after another that produced that same feeling that I was too close to the action. One scene in particular took me on a roller coaster of bends that I was just twisting and squirming in my seat. It dealt with the puzzle of the gentleman that was locked in what the Jigsaw called “the rack”. This device would slowly rotate each limb around until the bones broke and tissue tore. Each limb was subjected to this at a painfully slow rate, the neck being the last to go. The visual was a bit more than I could take. Either I have become a softy (I am a gore junkie) or the visuals have taken me to a whole new level. I have not felt like this since my first horror film as a kiddie. It felt strange.

When it was all said and done, Keyla and I looked at the screen with our jaws on the floor. It was an experience to say the least. I cannot wait for my next movie!

Things that could be WAY better:

Background downloading – come on Sony, at least stream the movie trailer! You cannot do anything while downloading. This sucks.

Playstation store – More like visiting a garage sale on the last day, not much left and most likely you have seen it before.

Codecs – I WANT MORE CODEC SUPPORT!!!! this is a multi-media monster. It should be able to play anything.

Controller – The thing is so light you feel like you are going to break the damn thing. Give me my rumble and add some weight!

IR support – oh Sony, I love my PS3, I really do but damn if I have to navigate the movie menu from the sixaxis. I would love to add navigation controls to my uni remote.

Updates – how come I have to go to PS3fanboy or beyond3d to understand what Sony is trying to update on the PS3? I should be able to go to Playstation.com and read in plain english what each update will do for my new overlord.

PSP – Just like the PS3, I love this little device. How come they still hate each other? They seem like stepchildren begrudgingly holding hands because mommy said so. Show more love Sony!


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