Scavenger hunt mobile style

scvngrRemember the good old days as a kid in school where you went on scavenger hunts in hopes to win that coveted mini-trophy?  Or better yet, when your company’s moral was so low, your boss pulled everyone together to do a scavenger hunt team building exercise in hopes to make everyone laugh and gel.  Scavenger hunts can be fun, that is the reason why Geocaching is still around, but geocaching required the player to buy special hardware and most tracks are locating a single cache.  The problem is how do you make it easy for everyone to play?  Scvngr came up with a solution to solve that problem, play the game on your mobile phone REGARDLESS of the type.   Obviously if your mobile phone rocks, Scvngr will take advantage of the hardware, they already have iPhone and Android apps ready for download.  You can also build your own hunts which seems like a killer activity for in coming Freshmen on college campuses across America.  This Boston start-up may have something here, I am going to see if I can find a local game.  Anyone SCVNGR’ing in Austin?

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