SF Tweetup: A discussion on mobile

Jeremiah Owyang of WebStrategy.com posted a youtube video of a tweetup in San Fransisco that surrounded mobile innovation and predictions:

Here are the highlights:

  • World Surfer – Contextual advertising model that gives mobile users location specific information about surrounding businesses [geovector.com]
  • Off Beat Guide – A Kindle version that provides on demand travel guide information for 30,000 destination built around stored PDFs [offbeatguide.com]
  • Palm Pre Synergy – Create a single contact lists from your multitude of social identities (Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, etc.)
  • Augmented Reality – Possible game involving a movie plot where digital characters are presented in your visual space at which you track them to expose more scences or a music app that tracks up and coming bands by projecting them live from a mobile devices and encourage others to find them live (aka concert band breadcrumb)
  • 18 months will change dramatically for mobile, for that to happen we need more devices and more users at the smartphone level

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