Sight unchanged, Happiness found


While waiting for my flight to San Fran in Denver, I took this pic on my phone. Circles meshed in a golden pattern forming unity. Thoughts poured in of how each circle reflects our own reality, from within or our surroundings, only to be invaded by others. Lost in a crowd that, from a distance, only reminds you that we all live in the same space, time and existence no matter how each struggle to make their life distinctive from others. It seems, like this pattern, the more you try to be different, the more you are like everyone else. Freedom can be expressed as one who lives by comfortable rules. Because if you think about it, if you were not comfortable with the rules dictating your reality, you spend all your energy enacting change. That change migrates from one circle to another and soon, it will normalized to…. well another reality for which you may once again not be comfortable in. The true path is to find what gives you the most happiness within the circle that was already created for you. From there, you can now focus moving toward the center instead of moving away into other realms that is not of your own. Find happiness from within and strengthen your center. Others will be fond of your strengths. What is my strength and happiness? Dude, it is obvious! Mi Familia


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