SL wants a new CEO, do you care?

Linden Labs, the company behind Second Life, is looking for a new CEO as Rosedale has stepped down. That makes sense as Linden Labs is looking to capture a larger market and is preparing to be challenged by Sony and their efforts with “Home” which looks eerily similar to SL. This is great, but on the grander scheme of social interactions, does SL makes sense?

SL is a closed environment with very stiff hardware requirements. Access is limited to sit and play style versus the mobility other environments provide like Facebook or Twitter. Entry into the world is a bit overwhelming as you really have no where to go. Finding people to interact is akin to walking up to someone who may have nothing in common with you and chat in hopes they respond.

At least Sony’s Home is built on the premise that you will find others through gaming. It has a foundation to build from. The same is true for virtually every other socially acceptable network out there, established communities for which you pick and choose from.

One thing I will give SL is the ability to create a one of a kind online identity. No other type of online interaction gives the user the ability to create an identity that is so different from each other. It is almost psychological what people come up with in SL.

I played around but eventually gave up as it was a bit too random for me to discover anything useful. I guess it is a world better suited if you have a guide in there already to help you out. The idea is great, the world is amazing if your computer can handle it and I love the identities people give each other. But at the end of the day, it was too much of a hassle to get into. Kind of gives you the feeling that SL may be a little ahead of it’s time…

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