Smart Car is here

Do you want to be ultra-modern? Do you want to roll like a European? Are you weird? Hell yeah we are weird, we are Austinites! That is what we do, keeping it weird. Starting this year, we will be able to purchase, or at least reserve, one of these cars at our local Smart Car dealership. There is someone in our neighborhood that has one. It is so small you do a double-take just to be sure that what you saw was actually real. It can keep up with the Prius on fuel efficiency but at half the cost. Man, this would be awesome to have as a commuter car. Maybe it can be my second car. I get this while Keyla gets this. What about the kiddos? Oh we will keep the minivan for the family, the other two cars are for us to get around while they are in school. Ahhh, it is fun to dream…


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