So sad – A leader out of touch with his people…

I am still stun, or should I be, that during Mr. Bush’s response on how the US is not entering a recession, he was stun to discover that a gallon of gas was going into the four dollar range. That surprised look on our president’s face not only validate how wrong his statement about the current affairs of our economy was but also how detached he is from the realities his country is facing. So caught up in foreign affairs, Mr. Bush acted like a man returning from a very long vacation. That ‘look’ immediately created a thought bubble:

Crap! The stimulus package is not going to work!

Let’s not even get into the discussion of the cost of milk, I already talked about that one. This is what happens when a nation is led by a person of reactionary belief and narrowly focused agendas. This is why the country has given up all hope on the current administration. This is why we have such a strong turn out by voters wanting change. We want change, we need change, and change must happen.  I am looking forward to voting today and in November.  It is times like these that I love to be American.


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