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With the departure of a dear working buddy, I stand alone. My company is on a verge of trying something new and without another techie working with me, I am left to man the ship with my boss playing a dual roll. With such an incredible shift, I have become a document monster. Generating, reading, testing, meeting… It is almost impossible to think of anything else at work. Oh work, yes I still have my usual duties and at times things are pushed out as we move in this new direction. A lot of what I am doing is bringing up memories of what I did at AMD. Developing taxonomies, story-boarding the new interfaces, managing work-flows and verify what the business folks want can be done with our in house application. Rails is everything and php is out. Enterprise-class server infrastructure on a tight budget and deliverables on an even tighter timeline. I am stretched and tired but as they say, “you get out what you put in”. Man am I EVER putting in, it better pay out…

My saving grace from the madness? My kiddos, my wife, my home and my Blu-Ray theater with Dolby True-HD and soon Warhawk to help remove the edge!


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