Sony fanboy sadly agrees

(NSFW – cursing)

Though this clip is old, it rings true. As an avid gadget collector who loves toys provided by the big S (PS3, LCD TVs, PSP, Reader, camcorder, receiver, PDA, disc changer, oh dear lord what have I become), I hate to admit it but I am one of those crazy fools that would drool over almost anything branded Sony. Thankfully the economy has forced me into rehab and I am now capable of looking at toys from lesser vendors like Panasonic, Integra, LG, and Microsoft (well actually no on that last one). I know Sony is hurting but truthfully it serves them right. When you have die-hards like me leaving them because they feel their brand justifies the high price tag, it is time for them to rethink their BP. Less focus on PR and more cool tech at Vizio prices. I love my Sony toys but they will most likely be the last batch I will buy from that brand.


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