Sony said, “We pwn j00!”

Well that is not quite right, a Sony rep against me on ANY online game…no. But with tech gear, yes. See I just went out and purchased the Sony Reader. So now my collection of Sony gadgets grew to three, joining my beloved PS3 and PSP. Yes I understand it’s limitations and yes it is a Sony but once you see the screen, you are hooked. It has been a joy to read books on it. I only had the darn thing for a couple of days and I cannot put it down. I have a couple of books on it and I love the fact that the ereader remembers where I left off on all of them. It supports PDF as far as displaying them but trying to read them is a bit of a joke. There is much hoopla on the web about how terrible it is with PDFs but you only need to do a quick search and voila! I now have all the tools I need to make this little device a little easier on the eyes (with PDFs). I love the fact that I can leave it “on” and not use any power. That alone makes this a worthy device for say a late night reading.

I know e-ink is about to release a newer version of their technology and companies are going to push products out maybe this summer. Am I bummed that what I have is going to be trumped? Nope, see I am what many in the industry call an early adopter. I jump on tech once it comes out without regrets. I do grip about their limitations, as my old posts on PS3 were all about (lost I know), but I also have a hell-of-a fun time playing with toys no one else really accepted yet. I hate following trends. I hate being a lemming. That is why I jump on tech before others; not a trend-setter, just the opposite. I have many examples of such moves (D60 before the 10D, Garmin 301, Samsung SIR-T165, etc) So if the product released this fall is a major upgrade to what I have, I will be back in the stores. Till then, I have some books to read and text to study. Much love.


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