Sony – You pay you lose

I love my Sony products.  I love the fact that my Sony Reader PRS-500 is still going strong.  I love streaming Netflix on my PS3.  I love watching my Blu-ray movies on my XBR-52.  I love messing around with my PSP when I am bored (yeah, the PSP does not see much action these days).  I love how Sony use to take care of me.  But now… With firmware 3.21 on the PS3 coming out this week, I will lose my Linux partition.  Geohot could not state it any better, “The PlayStation 3 is the only product I know that loses features throughout it’s life cycle.”  Wow, what a crazy way to kick your early adopters in the teeth.

I remember fondly when the PS3 was announced.  Though I am a grown man with a family in tow, I acted giddy like Ralphie and his anticipation for his Red Ryder BB Gun.  When there was a PS3 Fat 60GB at my local Target, my wife caved and let me squander our hard earn cash for the silly shinny black box.  No games and one controller, I spent the next three months pushing as many Blu-ray movies as I could.  When I figured out how to install Yellow Dog Linux, I was a goofy nerdy happy.  What did I do with my Linux distro? Nothing, just felt great that I could play with Linux on  my big screen.  As time went on, the 60GB HD was pulled for a 120GB upgrade and netflix streaming of foreign movies became an escape for my family.  We all agreed that the PS3 was a great purchase.  But then something started to happen, as each version of the PS3 was created, a feature was taken away.  I thought, cool my fatty was a great buy as I can still do many things the newer versions cannot but now Sony is going after the early adopters as well.  Do I really care that I will lose my Linux partition, not really but it is the principle of the feature.  I paid over $500 for the features listed, and though I understand devaluation of any electronics over time, none of my previous purchases actually lost functionality that was there from start.  This is very disturbing and makes me wonder how far will Sony go?

For something I paid for and own, I do not like the fact that I could potentially lose features that was advertised.  Sony does not have a lot to stand on if they continue down this very dangerous path.  I have broken away from the collective for my other gadgets and if Sony continues to be a prick, looks like my PS3 will have to do the same.


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