Spring from the office to the car

So after work last night while I was walking to my car, there was a flurry of activity around me.  Nature just went on a ‘code sprint’ and started to push out some lush colors around me!  It was cool to have the bees ignore me and went on their way making sure they hit their quota before heading back to the hive.  I wanted to capture some of this so I pulled out my handy Zi6 and started to film.

I notice something interesting when I imported my clips into iMovie ’08, the playback was a little fast. I am not a video buff so the solution was not obvious.  I know what the problem was, I recorded at 720p/60fps.  I was hoping for a fluid video at 30fps but that did not happen.  Instead of spending another day fixing it, I figured I will post what I have.  Any easy solution out there anyone willing to help would be appreciated.


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