Steiner Ranch – More than a neighborhood

I hate to be a fanboy but I really like living in Steiner Ranch. Moving from Colorado Springs was eased by moving into such a great community that is next to Lake Travis and bubbling with nature. With the warm welcome of other families from around the nation, it seems that those who moved here did not start from Texas. From neighborhood sports to all the events our HOA hosts, it seems there is no end to what you can do here. I am not the only one that loves this community as another resident has a great blog on all things Steiner Ranch. Take a look.

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  1. We are seriously consisdering a move to Steiner Ranch. We are a family of four moving from chicago. We have lived here our whole lives and hate the weather. Tell me more about life at Steiner Ranch. My husband is in business for himself in Public Relations and I am in the healthy chocolate business. I have read much on Austin and read that it is a health conscious community, family oriented community, very alive and active, yet down to earth. Please tell me more. Thank you, also, how easy is it to make friends, as I know nobody. Michelle Myers

    • We love Steiner Ranch. It is a very young community with a lot going on weekly. Take a look at our activity calendar. With soccer, flag football, tennis and killer trails, there are plenty of opportunities to meet up with neighbors and just hang out. We have two exemplary elementary schools and a new one opening this fall all within our neighborhoods. We have a very good middle school across the street to one of our elementary schools. A new high school was built on 2222 to support Steiner Ranch and River Place communities. We have a private golf club and our own boat docks for those that want to spend time on the lakes. Though I may sound like a sales agent, I am not. Just a very happy resident of Steiner Ranch. We have a couple of blogs about our communities:

      Steiner Ranch Info
      Steiner Ranch Wine Club

      We came from Colorado and were also tired of the cold weather but be warned, it is not uncommon to go a month at near triple digits here in Central Texas!

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