Stevie…this is the world. World, meet Stevie


So awhile back I talked about a house guest who stayed with us for a short period of time. She was one of two pets that lived in our home. Here is Stevie, our pet turtle that my sister-in-law thought would make a great gift. Stevie is still mean and very protective of his environment. But we love him the same. He is by far the most energetic turtle we have ever met. I always thought turtles were very docile creatures that move at a very controlled but determined pace. I did not believe these creatures could exhibit such active lives. Oh how little did I know. These sliders live a very long life so most likely Stevie will see our son grow up and move away. Grumpy or not he got my mug to look at for the next 20 to 30 years (maybe that is why he is so grumpy…hmm…how do I know if Stevie is a he…).


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