Sun One and eduperson LDIF

So I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. I got an LDAP schema up and was able to create some users, but I need to get the eduperson LDIF into my schema. I want the following objectclasses for my users:

  • top
  • person
  • organizationalPerson
  • inetOrgPerson
  • eduPerson
  • localdomainEduPerson

Top, person, organizationalPerson and inetOrgPerson are standard objects but eduPerson, and localdomainEduPerson are from eduPerson LDIF. I did the import but cannot find the object class listed when I create a new ou. My knowledge of ldap is limited and it shows. If any of my tech buddies out there can help, thanks. If not, I will keep looking.


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