Tech Elite: Bunch of Inno-haters

Earlier this week Google announced Project Glass, an augmented reality eye frame:

We think technology should work for you—to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t.

A group of us from Google[x] started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment.

What a fantastic idea!  Seriously, how long have we all been waiting for wearable computers that actually are practical?  But that is not what this post is about, rather I want to focus on the notion that the folks we turn to for the latest tech news are no longer open to new ideas.  Performing a simple search on the web (Google no less!) and one will find a litany of links bashing the idea that no one in their right mind would wear such a travesty.  If we were to abide by these posts, we would certainly be laughed to oblivion if ventured out in public with the specs on.  Come on folks, we are talking about either geeks who proudly wear tech on their belts or hipsters whose clothing are, well, a bit disconcerting, as authors of these posts.  In other words, we have folks who could care less of public opinion forming one!  The fact that these new purveyors of fashion are policing our outer-ware is one thing, what is even more discerning is the elitism that oozes from between the words of these tech writers.  It is a shame that the very people that once embrace new ideas, find reason to mock them.  I blame my iPhone, my iPad, and my Mac Air for this mess.  Yes I blame Apple for creating the inno-haters.

Is that what Apple has given us?  A false sense of coolness?  For the geeks, freaks and nerds to be lusted due to an iconic brand?  Maybe Apple’s true innovation is not the toys they create but rather offer the social outcast the keys to blessed garden of the elite.  But doing so, blinded those who lived on the edge, causing them to lose the excitement once felt on something truly amazing.  Don’t get me wrong, the iPhone was slick, the iPad made it slicker, then… nothing.  That’s it!  Where is the next innovation?  The sad thing is, the industry followed rather than lead and thus the era of the me-toos is where we currently reside.

Google Android was a friend of mine at one time.  I would not mind going back and I personally am stoked at the idea of these specs!  Will that mean I must walk away from the walled garden of beauty and return to the valley of new ideas?  Sounds about right, unless the creator of the Inno-haters responds accordingly.  Maybe the hate is more fear than anything else.  Just maybe all this hate is just fear that if new ideas take hold from companies that do not reside in Cupertino, the lack of iconic coolness will revert the masses to the people they once were, outcasts.

Regardless, the hating must stop.  Evolution must continue, not in technology but social development.  You know:

From nerds to geeks, from hipsters to inno-haters and finally back to living  the edge!

My brothers and sisters, embrace the fact that one company does not speak for us all.  Down with suppression, embrace tech, and drop inno-haters.  Seriously.

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