Tech Quickie – singstar, rotten neighbors and trophies

What is fun? Singing at the top of your vocal range, exhausting your lungs, and still not be able to hit those crazy high notes of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” on Singstar. Keyla and I stayed up to one in the morning earlier today trying out all the new 80’s songs we purchased on Singstar. Many memories of my youth was sparked as well as the realization that singing is hard! Breathe I keep telling myself, I must learn to breathe.

Have a neighbor that is bugging the heck out of you? Do you want to see if you are such a person to someone else on your block? Check out Rotten Neighbor on the web. We have such a neighbor that is renting a house next to us and have these dogs that apparently did not learn how to bark properly. The sounds emanating from these creatures would be similar to a human scream, only from a dog. Not only do you have to put up with dog screams but you have to take an earful around two in the morning! Neighborly discussions and the HOA has seemed to help so I may not need to turn to this deadly weapon, but rest assure, I will if cornered!

On the PS3 front, I am looking forward to the release of 2.40 tomorrow. I wonder what trophies will I get for all the mayhem I caused in Warhawk? Will Singstar have trophies? Only one day left to find out.


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