TF2…The time is near.

As a die-hard lover of FPS, I have so far enjoyed my experience on Warhawk. As a 2nd lieutenant (which it seems everyone in the game is now), I can now do some crazy customization of my character and warhawk. Though I game nightly on SOE servers, I am actually getting my thumbs ready for TF2. As a fan of the Team Fortress mod back in the days of Quake (Manny introduced the game to me), I could not get enough of the action. When the mod was upgraded using the original Half Life engine, I was hooked. Manny and I spent many hours playing. I split my time in the game as an engineer or spy. Now with the impending release of TF2 with HL 2 (episode 1 and 2) and Portal, the Orange Box seems to be a killer. My pc rig is way too old to be able to handle the graphical load this beast would put forth but I am carefully following the development on the PS3 side of things (please support keyboard and mouse). I cannot wait to game again as the spy.

PC gaming note: Though my pc is fairly dated, I do hope it will be able to run StarCraft 2 when it is released. It is yet another way to release the workday grind. It is like warm milk before bed. Ahhh, I feel relaxed already.


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