Thank goodness for Mercedes

I cannot tell you how lucky I feel with the home that was built for my family. Mercedes Homes built my home with all the customizations I requested without a moment pause in Steiner Ranch. I watched as other builders in my neighborhood, especially David Weekly, return to the homes they built to repair driveways, roofs and other structural problems yet my home stands true from the day Mercedes handed me the key. It is obvious that I would recommend my builder.

There are a couple of things I am thankful for. Thank goodness one, that we did not move into Georgetown (reasons only my family understands), and two we did not pick a builder that builds in that area. Take for example Dimension Builders. They are in trouble for not finishing homes that people payed for. Now think about that for a moment. The trust you have with your builder is a special relationship. You hand your dream and money over in hopes that when the project is over, you get to walk into the home that only a few months ago, was just a plot with a whole lot of possibilities. Like a new born child, you have visions of all the wonderful memories waiting to be created. Since such an event captures your soul at it’s weakest, you pray that trust is never violated. Thank goodness our builder did not do that to us. As I write this, Keyla and I are thankful for many things. Our family is healthy and strong. Our community is inviting and safe. Our home is warm and lovely. All I have to say is thank goodness for the fortunes given and thank goodness for Mercedes.


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