Thanks mom

mom and ruben

My mom came in Thursday night to help take care of the kiddos and take me to the doctor for my eye surgery, which by the way was the reason I have not written in this blog today. It was a bit hard to look at a computer screen when all you see is blurry images with one eye patched like a pirate. With Keyla over-burdened at work and I trying to hold down the fort at home and work, we were ever so happy to have my mom in town. She treated us last night to dinner and as you can see little Ruben was happy to have grandma around.

My eyes look like I have been in a fight which in some way I guess I was if you can envision an epic battle between eye lids and surgical instruments. The procedure was interesting as I was awake and watching the events unfold from a first person perspective. From the needle to the clamps to the little scissors, it was not a very comfortable place to be. Afterwards, patches were placed on my eyes and I was escorted out. Twenty minutes later, I was allowed to remove the patch on my right eye, but due to the size of the cyst on my left, I walked out of the office with a slightly pink large gauze with a lot of tape. My daughter thought they took my eye but I assured her that it was still there behind the bandage. Walking to the car with one eye generating a very blury image was not an experience I would not like to repeat. Once I got home, I closed my eyes and soon I was fast asleep.

It is always nice to have family around. It is also nice to have a mom that can come and take care of her son. Thanks mom. Oh and as you can see, my little boy found his appetite!

Ruben eating


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