The CLIQ – How not to launch a product

ouchLance Ulanoff of PC Mag fame posted a critique of Motorola’s CLIQ product launch.  Let’s just say Motorola is not off to the start they need to stop the hemorrhaging.  Lance preface the launch with a statement that should be plastered on every wall at Motorola’s headquarters:

The Motorola CLIQ and its MotoBlur widget interface are, as far as I’m concerned, Motorola’s last chance to matter in the mobile space.

Sadly the launch did not reflect the dire need of importance or rationality Motorola so desperately needed to display in the highly competitive mobile market space. The last thing you want to do is confuse those who report for you:

This lead to a comic 10 minutes where most of the press had no idea how to spell the product name. “Is it ‘Click’?” we asked each other. I wondered if it might just be a RAZR-like “CLK.” We didn’t figure it out until Motorola’s press release crossed the wires and someone gave my row the proper spelling.

The hardware is quite attractive, just not the presentation. So sad, too bad.

[PC Mag]

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