The quest to replace our car – UPDATED

So today we ventured out to take a look at a new car.  It is time to get a car that is functional, realistically priced (if that is even possible now-a-days) but also fun. We narrowed our choice down to a CX-9.  It is roomy, looks great and for a geek like me, has TONS of tech.  So we headed to our local Mazda dealer, Rodger Beasley. There we were greeted by a very nice salesman, Shane who apparently just started two weeks ago. So we ventured out on the lot and found the vehicle I saw on the web. It was not like we did not do our research. After narrowing our choice to a CX-9, we found the car we wanted with the options we desired through the online inventory. After a couple of test drives, we settled down to work on the price.

Shane was probably one of the nicest salesman I have ever met. He tried to break down the cost and simplify the process however the further we went, the worse the numbers got. How is that possible? Now this is where I get on my soapbox for a bit. Why must buying a car be such a serious pain in the rear? I personally never had a good experience on purchasing any of the vehicles I owned. No matter how hard I try, I always walk away feeling like I just been gouged and the folks back at the dealership are laughing at my expense. I loved all the cars I owned. I just hate, and I do mean HATE, the process of purchasing one. When you walk on a dealer’s lot, you have to be so protective of who you are. You cannot show fear and because of that, you cannot enjoy the ‘bonding’ moment of your potential new car. That can only be done after the purchase and it is more of a ‘comfort food’ experience as you use your bonding time to help heal the wounds inflicted by the purchase.

Sounds morbid, I know but that is the reality of my experiences. I wish that would change but sadly today was much of the same, EXCEPT, we walked away. Maybe it was our age, maybe the lure of a new car is just not as strong as it once was but my wife and I could not justify the expense. Poor Shane was shattered. It would have been his first sale and truth be told, I really wanted it to happen but money is too important these days and throw away funds is something long past.

You would think this would be the end of this story but it is not. The manager caught us as we loaded up the family to head out. It was well past 8pm and everyone was tired. The manager wanted one last attempt and will contact us tomorrow. If this does not work, then it is back to the drawing board/web for a new search. I must prolong the pain of purchasing a new vehicle yet again. Please pray for me.


As promised, Shane called this morning and the numbers were right where we wanted them to be.  We told them we will be down there in an hour and bless the car gods, my wife have a new, very cool, very techie, very fun, car. I want to thank Rodge Beasley for coming through as promised. Though the experience at the dealership was much of the same, the follow-up was new and refreshing. Oh! So this is what she got, a 2011 Grand Touring AWD CX-9 with navigation and killer sound. Needless to say, she is happy.


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