things I did not know… dhclient

So it is not that often, or ever, I have to release an IP from my ubuntu box. Ubuntu does a great job of moving GUI junkies like me into the wonderful world of Linux by hiding the shell quite effectively. Now that I spent some time with ssh and Solaris, I have been able to increase my proficiency with the mighty cursor. Heck, I can actually use the vi editor! That was huge as I would always default to pico but was forced to switch as that editor was not available on some production boxes I had to work with. So I am not as apprehensive about opening a terminal window to do some work as I use to be.

During a network upgrade, I needed to flush my IP often on my Linux box. No problem, I always figured ifconfig <interface> down/up would do the trick. It did not release the IP and with some searching I found dhclient <interface> did the trick (you may need to sudo the command). So all the linux users that are barking “DUH!” I am grateful of finding a new command. Hmm I should document all my discoveries no matter how small (like this one). At least I can search my blog when I forget, which sadly happens quite often.


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