This is my Rock Band

My Rock Band

So after work and picking up the kids, we did a quick run to Walmart to gather supplies for the next couple of days. While there, the store had setup the game Rock Band that comes with a set of digital drums, guitar and a microphone. My kids ran to it and started to JAM! Well, make noise at least. Ruben on the drums and Katalina on the guitar. Katalina really tried to follow the game which is very similar to Guitar Hero if you are into that. Keyla and I were proud, this could be the next Donny and Marie, hm ok I hope not. but if they do become rock stars, I get dibs on the bowling alley for my home!

Any ways Keyla and I waited for the kids to stop playing and took a look at price for the “game.” $169!?!? Are you kidding me?!? This thing is almost as expensive as buying a game system! Yeah stop your barking, I know what you are thinking. Look who’s talking Mr. Gadget freak. But still that is a lot of green stuff for one game. Now granted you get a lot but… We will have to see.

Christmas shopping is always fun. It gives you the opportunity to test yourself and see if you truly know the person you are buying the gift for. The kids are actually hard, they want everything. But the truth of the matter is, though they want the world, they really only play with a couple of things. Finding and extending those niches makes it fun.  Shopping for the one you love is just as tough as you have to find a balance between cost and personality.  I am still looking but I know my Keyla very well.

Well another day closer to Christmas and soon I will be able to actually slow things down a bit.  I will have to work over the holidays but at least I will be at home when I do.  And on that note, I will catch you on the flip side.  What the hell does that mean?  Who cares, it rolls off the tongue nicely.


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