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Wow it has been a bit since my last posting.  Between completing a project at work and all the soccer/music duties I have after five, the evenings are spent watching a movie with Keyla or jumping on the PS3 for a quick game of Warhawk (still addicted to that game).  So here is what’s going on lately…


NITLE is growing and there is a need to support our campuses with a more robust service model.  Since we are in the business of folstering collaboration and advancing liberal education through technology, it is time we applied the same effort internally.  The work going on has been immense but will serve for the better good as we are only ~30 strong supporting more than 110 colleges across this nation.  That is all I can really say about that.  Just know this, I am a very busy guy…


Ahhh, this is where I have a lot of fun.  As my son’s soccer coach and soccer dad to my daughter and neice, I move the kiddos around to all their practices (except for my neice, thanks Rhoda).  On days they do not have practice, we have music.  It gets a bit crazy but I would not have it any other way.


No new toys other than firmware upgrades to my current tech:

  • PS3 is now at 2.30 expanding support for DTS-HD MA and a new skin for the online store
  • Canon 5D is now at 1.1.1 supporting larger CF cards and EXIF support to newer lenses
  • PSP is now at 3.95 which really did not update much of anything

I finally joined Facebook.  I started a basic profile and when I have a bit more time, will fill out all the little things to make me feel like I belong.


Netflix is thinking or more like WILL increase their monthly rates for those who want blu-ray discs.  Netflix has been good to me for getting my Blu-ray fix satisfied and though it will hurt to pay more, I will not bail.  speaking of Netflix, I hooked up an old (very old) laptop I had to my TV so that Keyla and I can test out their streaming service.  The quality was not bad and the audio was above average.  Running on an old wireless g card, the stream was stable with no buffering issues.  Though it is something I would not put on our big screen, it did kill a Sunday afternoon with movies that we would otherwise never would have watched.  I still am not convienced that streaming HD can rival that of a blu-ray disc.

Well till next time my friends!


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