Tron 2! Oh dear lord, my youthful exuberance has returned!

There is a bootleg video from this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego that is showing the first ever preview of Tron 2. And like Giz where I read this first, I too am “wetting myself” so to speak on the eventual release of this film. You see it was Tron and War Games that got me into technology and made me into this feverish gadget hound of today. I will never forget after watching the first Tron over and over as a child in Germany during my father’s military tour how the colors hypnotized me and what the humanization of technology did to my imagination. My friends and I would put cards in our tires and long streamers on our bmx bikes and race down the street cutting each other off until the falls would hurt too much. We then would have Frisbee wars as we threw our discs as hard as we can at each other using other discs to deflect them, yeah that hurt too. Then came the desire to try to create some type of interaction with the only computer I had at the time, the Atari 800. Basic was my friend.

I am looking forward to this movie. Not to re-live my youth, but to introduce an aspect of it to my son and daughter, both who are also smitten to tech because of dear old dad. Yes I am excited.


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