Twitter is lost on teens

NY TimesDare we say teens are not trendsetters for Twitter? Not too hard to believe according to a reprint from NY Times.  It seems that only 11 percent of the Twitter userbase are from those between the ages of 12-17 based on data provided by comScore.  This is the same group of people that rely heavily on text messaging services from cellular providers.  It would seem Twitter would be a natural outlet for teenagers, yet the service is lost on younger minds.  The service is perceived by teens as professional, aka meant for old folks.  Teens enjoy 1:1 conversation, Twitter is 1:many by design:

Many people use it for professional purposes — keeping connected with industry contacts and following news,” said Evan Williams, Twitter’s co-founder and chief executive. “Because it’s a one-to-many network and most of the content is public, it works for this better than a social network that’s optimized for friend communication.

It is nice to see other demographics setting the direction for social media and not feel out of place in a world dominated by teen marketing.

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