Updates on the webcam and other tech

Well it seems that the linux-uvc drivers are working as advertised and Adobe player support is just not in the cards. It seems, as far as I can tell, Adobe Flash does not support V4L2. The UVC drivers only work with V4L2. I guess if I need to record a seesmic session, I will need to boot into my Vista partition.

My Optoma HD72 is up and running minus the bright mode. It seems the bulb ballast is outside the tolerance for the projector to run it at full capacity. I still need to get a new bulb but I can hold that off for a bit as running the pj in low mode is not that noticeable. Blu-Ray movies are back!!!

On the gaming front, I have yet to get MGS 4 but intend to when I get a little spending money for myself. On purchasing PS3 games, I notice that Target throws at the end of the isle sales, a couple of games at astoundingly low prices. They are buried but so far I have picked up Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and Fight Night 3 for $14.95 respectively and they were new. I am not sure if this is company-wide but the local stores around here have them with the red stickers. It is interesting to see that a week later, those games return to the main display back at the regular sales price of $29.95. Keep an eye out when you are walking around the electronic department section of Target.

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