Virtual meets Reality

So there is an article over on BBC about a teen stealing thousands of dollars of furniture from other gamers to furnish his apartment. Ok…thousands of dollars of REAL money was brokered and now the cops are involved. Wow to equate virtual material goods as solid objects of ownership and pride and to spend hard working money on such goods is still above my understanding.

Yes I love to buy gadgets and yes I spend way too much money on such endeavors but at least I can play with any of them OFF THE GRID! I guess since I never was part of the whole WoW or SL, my understanding of virtual holdings may sound primitive to those who are but still…I understand the value of an object based on it’s popularity or rarity in some cases, but how do you even begin to start the devaluation of such items? When my xbox is no longer viable, I can turn it into something else. Can you do that with virtual holdings? Plus the xbox is universally accepted as a consumer product, how does a rare sword from one game traverse to another in financial terms? Wow, disposable income sure seems to make a lot sense here.


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