Wait… what was I suppose to be doing?

My Shadow

Have you ever have a lapse in concentration where it literally stops you in your tracks and force you to re-run steps in your mind of what you did just moments prior to the mental crash you are experiencing? I had that yesterday and with application development buried deep in my cognitive thinking, the first thing I thought of was a failed experience just occurred and though it halted the action, there may be a problem on the controller level with a missed error trapping as this is just an isolated instance that should not affect the model design or most likely there was a disruption to my DB connection as I test my memory by reloading events stored in the transaction log to get me back to the moment of the crash… Well ok, I did not have this level of detail during those couple of seconds as I mentally rebooted but I did mix the application development I am currently involved with to whatever task I was trying to get back to. I am not sure if this is funny, nerdy or just plain scary. Looking at what I just wrote, I will select all of the above.


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