mansfield dam

It has been over a week and the dam is still dumping water from lake Travis. We live less than five miles from this structure and hope the hill we live on is high enough should this sucker ever fail. Though this bad boy has been around since 1941, it always makes me nervous to be close to one. But I do have to admit, the water ways around our neighborhood are just amazing.

Speaking about my neighborhood, Keyla and I drove out to the new waterfront properties that are now being built. We took a flyer and were amazed at what 3 million dollars can buy these days. Yes they are lovely homes and yes if I could afford one, I would love to have it…or would I… Doing some research, should the dam ever fail, these lovely homes would be the first to go. I am sure those who can afford such things, have ways to protect themselves of such investments; however with my very limited-funded mind, I just cannot see how anyone could justify such a purchase at such a precarious location. I guess that is what you are paying for and most likely the way I think is the reason why I do not have the ability to make the kind of money that can afford such luxuries. Though I am vexed with the irony of such ownerships, it does not negate the fact that regardless of who you are, objects of wealth is universal. A constant reminder of those who have it and those who don’t. At least I can ride my bike near them! 🙂


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