WebOS and Google – Trouble for iPhone?

palm-preGoogle posted on their blog how tightly integrated their services will be on the new Palm Pre.  Due to the fact that the Pre’s OS, WebOS, is built around webkit standards, Google web services works well with little to no user intervention (like installing apps).  PLUS the Pre gets push gmail, something I miss terribly with the departure of my G1 and on my iPhone.  For those who do not understand my pain, push email means you do not have to set a schedule or check the server manually to see if you have a message or not.  If someone sends you an email, your device would notify you immediately.  On the G1, you sometimes got the message on the phone before it was on the web interface!

Palm Pre wouldn’t be complete without productivity functions and we’re happy to report that Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts work well on the device. Simply enter your account name and password and Palm Pre will sync your email, calendar events, and contacts to the device. Palm Pre supports the IMAP IDLE protocol so you can enjoy push Gmail.

Expect to see more updates from Google.  It looks like the Pre is the step-brother that will piss off the iPhone and worry Android.


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