Weekend of fun

With a day full of soccer games and dealing with warm weather, we all headed to one of our neighborhood pools between the games to cool off.  Team Mexico, the team I coach, rallied in the second half yet fell to Team Ireland 4-3.  Team Columbia, Katalina’s team, worked hard pushing the ball up and down the field for their victory.  Rheanna and Team USA fought for a tie against another Team Mexico in the 9/10 age bracket.  We are all ready for the playoffs that will start in two weeks.

I love weekends like the one that just past.  It was warm, relaxing and playful.  We played in our yard, at the track, at the courts, heck on any open space we could find!  We even dance to tunes of my childhood.  Which still rock!  There is something to be said about time away from work.  When you work hard, you should play the same.  I love weekends.


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