Wha…The US held liable for it’s actions?!?!?

There is an interesting post at CNN that the Iran’s supreme leader hopes that the US would be tried in an international court for it’s actions within the country of Iraq. Of course this is coming from a leader that is not in good standing with the United States but I think he has a point. If one wishes to lead the cause of protecting the innocent by hunting down those who has brought injustices to others, then an audit of one’s self must be performed to ensure the line of injustice was not crossed. Do we have a clear objective in Iraq anymore? As an informed American, or try with honest effort, I do not think so. As a nation, we too are not above the law. We should not turn a blind eye to the consequences of our actions. I know our leadership of our nation has lost their way with regards to the ideals that grounded this nation, I just hope our citizens do not subscribe to this wayward path.


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