What’s up? Photographer’s laptop, geeking out on SC4 and Olympics

There has been a long pause between posts here but I have a very good excuse. Actually I have several. Let me see if I can convince you.

Photographer’s Laptop
Over at DPReview.com, they have the press release of Lenovo’s ThinkPad W700. What makes me shiver with envy is the color gamut of the screen and a Wacom digitizer built-in! With a quad core proc, workstation-class opengl card with 1GB of RAM, dual 200GB HD that can be in a RAID configuration, 8GB of memory, crazy support of wireless tech, and a 7-in-1 card reader, what more can a person ask for in a mobile photo studio? I can only imagine the cost of this bad boy, but still it would make me very happy to dump photos from my 5D in the field and work immediately on the images while I am still riding high from the photo session. This would make an excellent addition to my 1Ds Mark III (in my dreams that is).

SC4 and Star Wars
I am a Star Wars nut. Ok I am more of a Star Trek nut than Star Wars, Andrew has me beat on the SW angle. But nonetheless I do love the story lines from George Lucas. That said, when Soul Calibur 4 was released, with guests from Star Wars, I did the unthinkable, I purchased a game on launch day at FULL PRICE! Of course the first person I played was Darth Vader. After lumbering around and force choking the hell out of everyone, I was finally able to unlock his apprentice, StarKiller, who will also be the lead character for the Force Unleashed game, which itself is a story that took place between Episode III and Episode IV. StarKiller is a cheap punk but fun to use against other fighters.

I have moved beyond the basic characters and started creating my own. It is a bit ridiculous what you can create and even crazier to take them online to bash players from around the world. You win some, you lose some. But you live… you live to trash talk another day! Yes, it has been fun fighting online.

Olympics in HD
I am also an HD nut. There are no CRT TVs in my home. All rooms have LCD, minus our theater which has an overhead DLP projector. With that, watching the Olympics in HD has been thrilling. The opening ceremonies were just breathtaking. All of us watched unblinking as thousands of drummers, dancers and block movers swim in vibrant color. We watched as Phelps screamed at the top of his lungs during the final lap in the 4×100 relay. We marveled at the Forbidden City as the cyclist raced by in their event. We shivered while watching the power of the Chinese men on the rings in gymnastics. Yes, these Olympic games has been by far the most engaging event by the sheer presentation in high definition. And just think, the games are only half completed! I cannot wait to see what China has in store for the closing of the games.

So though it may seem I have given up hope on blogging, I am alive and kicking. More so as I have found ways to enjoy my life through technology. But things are about to change dramatically. Youth soccer for the fall is about to gear up and I have been requested to coach again. School is about to start and my little girl will join her big brother in elementary. Music and dance are coming back online for my kiddos as well as a couple of new things the kids would like to try. So the next couple of weeks are going to be busy again. But I got my gadgets to keep me organized and entertained between my life events. Ah the life of a tech dad but wait, someone is already blogging about that!

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