When 1080p is just not enough


As some of you know, I am an HD gear nut. I have a couple in my home with decent mid-range gear. But when you just want the highest possible resolution, you have to go to the NHK team and see what they have cooked up. I know this news is a bit old but the numbers are still staggering. I mean, check this out!

Super Hi-Vision – or Ultra High-Definition TV as it is sometimes known – carries some impressive statistics.

It has a screen resolution of 7680×4320 pixels, 16 times greater than current HD.

To watch the format NHK has a purpose-built 500 inch screen in its labs, along with the world’s only 22.2 multi-channel surround sound system, which the format also supports.

Kind of blows my 106″ screen and 7.1 sound out of the water. Besides the crazy resolution, what about those 22 channels of sound with two subs? Good God, at that point it would be so real, I am sure you would get sick or faint from vertigo. I WANT IT! Too bad it will not be a standard for another 20 years. Which is good for me I guess. It will give me some time to make room for the other 15.1 speakers. Hmm, if I get rid of the kitchen…


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