Why am I on fire daddy?

So during our daily routine of getting out of the house, the family were all at the kitchen island eating breakfast and watching the news, a report came up about a fire on Santa Catalina island. My daughter popped up and said, “look daddy, I am on fire!” All she heard was her name and saw the fire. She was so proud that she has an island named after her, thankfully they never displayed the name of the island on the screen. Her name starts with a K instead of a C. Then all she can do was think about how to protect her people. My son wandered if there was any island named after him. I told him that he had something better, a sandwich. “There is a such a thing as a Ruben Sandwich?” my son asked. “Yep,” was my reply and his reply was, “Katalina gets an island and all I get is a sandwich.” That of course made me laugh. An island for the girl, a sandwich for the boy and a minivan for the dad, what more can you ask for?


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