Why I stayed away from the Xbox 360

I won the original Xbox in a Taco Bell contest and that unit only lasted a year.  My father purchased another xbox that can only run for about three hours before it shuts down.  Microsoft for me had a very bad track record for gaming systems that I did not want to invest in their next iteration.  When reports start pouring out on failures with the 360, I felt a sense of relief that I was not one of the users frustrated with the lack of QA Microsoft seems to have with their hardware.  Now a report is out discussing how MS cut corners with the design of the 360 in hopes to save money only to give the public a shoddy piece of tech that will fail.  Say what you will about Sony’s PS3 but the investment in design did pay off, even if they are losing money left and right from each sale.  Hey mine is a killer BD player that plays games, wait shouldn’t that be the other way around?


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